Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Tree Haven Homes?

Why Choose UsQuality Construction Outstanding Value

As a true leader in the industry, Tree Haven Homes is no stranger to success. Our rise to the top has been achieved, in part, through our solid commitment to excellence, quality, and total customer satisfaction.

At Tree Haven Homes, we put your needs first. Our unique approach to home building, allows custom changes to our acclaimed floor plans, and ensures that each customer receives a truly custom-quality home at a production builder price.

Tree Haven Homes has been building on the cornerstones of exceptional quality, superior design, absolute value, and unsurpassed customer service.

Carefully researching trending home designs and buyer demographics, Tree Haven has been able to create a wealth of easily customizable plans that appeal to a wide range of home-buyers, from first time home-buyers to multi-million dollar custom homes. These home designs have won numerous awards, with industry peers acknowledging Tree Haven as a market leader.

As a builder who understands that buying a home is a major undertaking, Tree Haven Homes initiates relationships with its clients from the beginning. With service capabilities including affiliation with mortgage and title companies, we understand our customers’ needs. Our staff listens carefully and pays attention to the details. Our extensive knowledge, expertise and professionalism transform the home-buying experience into a comfortable and enjoyable occasion.

From the very genesis of our journey, the Tree Haven Family has committed to helping Families live their dreams. We strive to give our homeowner’s the best value for their dollar on what may very well be the biggest financial investment in their life journey. We offer credibility to our New Home Owner that says we stand shoulder to shoulder with you and the peace of mind that says we will be there as you grow your Family.

Tree Haven Homes is the New Home Builder of choice in Utah.

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